Superstar, the disco night -by Bantunani feat. Dylaston & Vicko Tche

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And if we resume the dance, the space of 3 intense minutes during which Bantunani gives us our Superstar moment. A disco moment where dance, dreams and pleasures merge in a hellish night guided by voodoo trance. This title, at the crossroads of styles, contains an effective cocktail for the dancefloor and crazy parties. Announced as the last single from his hit album, Perspectives, the artist illuminates his music with a haunting interpretation with a moving melody that is reminiscent of the Bee Gees, Giorgio Moroder and the wink to native Congo

Et si on reprenait la danse, l’espace de 3 minutes intenses durant lesquelles Bantunani nous offre notre instant Superstar. Un instant disco où danse, rêves et plaisirs se confondent dans une nuit infernale guidée par la transe voodoo. Ce titre, à la croisée des styles contient un savant cocktail efficace pour le dancefloor et les soirées folles. Annoncé comme le dernier single extrait de son album à succès , Perspectives, l’artiste illumine sa musique par une interprétation envoûtante à la mélodie émouvante qui n\'est pas sans rappeler les Bee Gees, Giorgio Moroder et le clin d\'oeil au Congo natal

Superstar, light and disco - feat . Dylaston and Vicko by Michel Nzau - Bantunani - album PERSPECTIVES
Deep in through the night Like a star
That never fade away
I have seen
Light of the city
Coming through my face Isn’t silly
Isn’t cool
To feel the rythm
Deep inside you
And you say
It’s so wonderful
Night is cool
I’ll be everywhere
It’s so magic time
To be someone else
I’ll be dancing like a SuperStar

Dyla :
Soirée Mundele Nabimi pe na ba oyo Namoni pe Dylaston Namoni pe Bantunani To bimi na Vicko Tche Biso nde ba star
Deep in through this night Like a queen
There was a lonely girl Stare at me
And lost in her dreams She came to say
Can we walk
Can we talk
Can we sing
Can we dance
Can we kiss..each other

Night is cool
I’ll be everywhere
It’s so magic time
To be someone else
I’ll be dancing
like a SuperStar

Eh ngai ye
Nasala nini
Nakoma nagai Superstar
Bantunani fula mwana na yo
Vicko Tche superstar
Tika moins vide to bina yango
Tika moins vide tobina yango
Tika ba bina tobina yango

Toujours Dylaston
Avec Bantunani le véritable
En direct de Switzerland
I can dance all night J
ust a like a superstar
It is so magic
Feel the groove
Deep through the night Like a star
Lost in his life
I was the king
Who can burn the Dancefloor
That nobody can see
Isnt silly
Isnt cool
To get the rhythm
Deep inside you
And I say,
it’s so wonderful
Night is cool
I’ll be everywhere
It’s so magic time
To be someone else
I’ll be dancing like a SuperStar
Let me be superstar Let me be superstar

Credits :
written,composer and produced by Bantunani and the Mininanis Drums programming : Michel Nzau
Drums live :Jonathan Bavu Ntoya and Terence Nzau
Percussions :Papy Pululu, Michel Nzau and Terence Nzau
Bass :Gloire Ntotela(Gloire Bass) and Matteo Nzau
Keyboard : Nabot and Matteo Nzau
Strings and electro voices : Maria Nzau and Matteo Nzau
Guitars: Vicko Tengwa, Greg Madimba and Terence Nzau
Lead vocals : Michel Nzau
Lead featuring voice : Dylaston (Trésor)
Background voices : Maria Nzau,Terence Nzau and Matteo Nzau
Recorded at Blackninja Studios (Paris,Kinshasa and Casablanca)
Mixed by :Philip Larsen at London
Mastered by Sefi Carmel
Michel Nzau Songs copyright 2020.
Partners : Marques et Films, Godin Guitars, Psi Audio, Acer, Deuce Music, Observateur du Maroc,SCPP, SACEM, LE MATIN
Clubbing, Electro

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