The Buttshakers - Back In America [Official Live Video]

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“Back in America” is an introspective song about growing up in a country where we are constantly told that we are the best. That life is perfect here; that we understand everything better than everyone else.
Only later to discover, after traveling and discovering the rest of the world, that it was all an illusion. There are still a lot of things that we are far from being the best at. American society is full of contradictions between our Puritanism and the corruption, violence, and poverty that reigns. It also talks about feeling like a stranger in your own country and in your own culture. “Back in America” is a long walk that examines the cracks and taboos which blight western society in general: racism, poverty, religion, and violence done in the name of Capitalism and God.
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Enregistré au studio Mikrokosm le 2 Septembre 2020

Filmé par Jafar Films

Back in America est extrait de l\'album ARCADIA à paraitre.

Produit par Youz Prod et Green Piste Records

Label : Underdog Records
As I walk these streets
That I’ve known since a child
With so much a changin’
I don’t recognize you no more
When my mama said
Girl you better leave it alone
Been 10 years you gone now
You can’t call this place your home

And I hear the preacher
Beating down in the back of my head
Telling me to turn a cheek
But I can’t look away
I’ve seen so many brothers in the street
Begging me to look a’ their way
But I’ve become so numb
That I can’t see their pain
No no


When this was my home
I couldn’t see the destruction
With so much corruption,
Baby, I lay my head to cry
these streets, these walls,
these homes without shelter or care
People calling out in vain
But no one sees they’re there


I don’t know this place no more
But I see all your pain now
I can’t call this place my home
Soul jazz
the buttshakers, soul, jazz, funk, back in america

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